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Rapid Testing

When your child is sick, your top priority is finding a path toward relief. Town Center Pediatrics has several rapid in house labs that we use, so we can start your child on treatment if necessary and avoid lab delays.Rapid testing can help and is among the services available from Angela Hunt, MD, of Town Center Pediatrics in Northborough, Massachusetts. If you’re searching for answers, call the office to book a visit, and remember that online scheduling is an option for less urgent requests.

Rapid Testing Q & A

What is rapid testing?

Rapid testing is a diagnostic tool that can help determine the cause of a child’s symptoms. When your little one is not feeling well, figuring out what’s wrong and how to help is important. Not only can professional treatment ease symptoms, but it also gives parents enhanced peace of mind, which is priceless.

Innovations in medical technology have created numerous rapid testing tools to search for the cause of symptoms.

What kinds of rapid testing are available?

We offer the following rapid tests:



RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)





What if my child’s rapid testing results show an infection?

If your child’s rapid testing comes back with a positive result, you’ll discuss the next steps with your provider.

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