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Ear Piercing

Having your child’s ears pierced is a big step, and finding the right practitioner for the job is important.  The providers at Town Center Pediatrics offers ear piercing to their patients. If you have questions about the process or want to book an appointment, please call the office or request an appointment online.

Ear Piercing Q & A

Why come to a pediatrician for ear piercing?

You have options when it comes to having your child’s ears pierced, but that doesn’t mean every choice offers the same service or benefits. Some businesses that offer ear piercing are staffed by people who lack any form of health or hygiene training, which can increase your child’s risk of infection.

It also takes skill to pierce a child’s ears. Kids tend to wiggle and squirm, especially after the first piercing is done and they know what’s coming with the second ear. Your provider knows how to anticipate your child’s movements and place the piercing properly.

Bringing your child to their provider for piercing allows them to have their ears pierced by a practitioner they already know and trust, in a setting that’s familiar to them. This can make a world of difference to a kid who is nervous about ear piercing.

Is ear piercing safe?

In the hands of a skilled medical practitioner, having your child’s ears pierced is safe. The team at Town Center Pediatrics uses the best piercing technology on the market, ensuring that the process is done with the highest standards of safety. 

The earrings placed in a new piercing are specially designed for newly pierced ears. The posts are a bit thicker than many earrings, and the backing is designed to secure the earring in place while also allowing air to flow to speed healing.

A clean environment is critical to reducing the risk of infection or other complications. From the hands used to perform the piercing to the piercing device, specialized earrings, and general area, you can rest assured that cleanliness and sterile procedures are used from start to finish. 

How can I take good care of my child’s ear piercing?

During your visit, you’ll receive full instructions on how to care for your child’s new piercings. It’s important to leave the first set of earrings in for at least six weeks after a new piercing. This gives your child’s ears a chance to heal and reduces the risk of infection. Trying to change earrings too soon can allow the piercings to close.

Take care to wash your hands before touching the earrings or the piercing area. Clean the piercing two or three times a day using alcohol or a cleaning solution placed on a clean cotton swab. You can also gently rotate the post of the earring during cleaning. 

Very small children will need to continue wearing posts until they’re older. You’ll need to continue caring for the piercing until healing is complete, and avoid catching the earrings when dressing your little one or brushing their hair.

For older kids, having their ears pierced is something of a rite of passage. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss the importance of taking good care of yourself. Try to let your child handle most of the cleaning and care, which can instill confidence and responsibility. 

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